All $10 for $7 food certificates can only be purchased at the top of the hour.  At five minutes past the top of each hour we will go back to auctioning off items.


Business: One 14 Coffee Bar
Address: 114 N. Wood
Location: Neosho, MO

Business:  Cafe Angelica's
Address: 107 E. Main
Location: Neosho MO

Business:  McCune Family Kitchen
Address: 620 Main St.
Location: McCune, KS

Business:  BBQ Joint
Address: 416 S. Neosho Blvd.
Location: Neosho, MO

Business:  114 Cofee Bar
Address:  114 N. Wood
Location:  Neosho, MO

Business:  JJ's Restaurant
Address: 205 N. Main
Location: Granby, MO

Business:  Quiznos in Neosho
Address: 1599 Clemon Drive
Location: Neosho, MO

Business:  Something Good
Address: 224 West Valley
Location: Granby, MO

Business:  Old Town Restaurant
Address: 1000 Main Street
Location:  Parsons, KS

Business:  JJ's Woodfire Pizza
Address: 1612 S. Madison
Location:  Webb City, MO

Business: Bella Roma
Address: 1170 S. Neosho Blvd.
Location: Neosho, MO                     



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